Xpand Program

Plug into and get your network signed up to Sustainable Salons

Why collaborate with us?

Businesses today are under pressure to deliver sustainability targets and to connect with the rising number of conscious consumers.

Taking the right steps towards a committed approach to sustainability has never been more important.

The Sustainable Salons Xpand Program is a plug in program for businesses to easily get their network – salons, beauty and dermal clinics, barbers, pet grooming stores – signed up to Sustainable Salons

Drive sustainability

Turn your customers into Sustainable Salons while meeting your own sustainability targets.

Boost growth

Help your customer grow by attracting more conscious consumers to their business.

Make positive impact

Help divert 95% of salon resources from landfill, give back to the community and create products of the future.

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Plug into Xpand in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Pledge

Pledge the number of stockists you want to sign up to Sustainable Salons. It can be anywhere from 20 to 300.

Numbers speak volumes on how committed you are towards sustainability.

Step 2: Commit

Pre purchase 50% or 100% of our installation fee of $348 for as many stockists as you like.

This commitment system provides your team with an offer and clear targets.

Step 3: Communicate

We provide assets and work together to market the message with your team.

We promote our joint collaboration to help achieve your pledge.

Join Xpand and access sustainability benefits

Brand Awareness

Get access to the Sustainable Salons logo & brand and strengthen your image through our long term collaboration.

Client Engagement

Drive new visitors to your network through our Sustainable Salons Salon Locator.

Sustainability Data

Access resource recovery and community support quality data for use in your publications.

Green Ambassadors

Book our keynote speakers to inspire your network at your events.

Marketing Collateral

Provide your team and members with sustainability conversation starters.

Closed Loop Products

Create innovative products made from your member’s recycled resources.

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