…and four other outrageous plastic facts!

Everywhere we look we can see plastic, it’s cheapness and convenience has helped it carve a place in our lives. Here are some plastic facts to inspire you to #storesustainably during Plastic Free July. From plastic bags, to plastic containers and plastic wrap, there’s a plastic-free option that will help you love Mama Earth!

In Kenya, you can be sent to jail for four years for producing, selling or even just using a single-use plastic bag! The other option is a fine of $55,000AUD – that’s one way to ban the bag. We have it easy in Australia and New Zealand, but with over 1 million plastic bags consumed every minute around the world, it’s important to refuse every bag we can.

Make sure you have your reusable bags at the ready, including produce and bulk bin bags! We love Fruity Sacks and Eco Saint NZ. Members, shop them using your points here.




9 out of 10 Australians use plastic wrap at home.

When plastic wrap ends up in the ocean, it picks up bacteria and harmful metals as it goes. This makes it even more toxic to fish – when the plastic is eaten, it’s a double whammy for our fish friends.

Let’s buck the trend, skip the plastic wrap and choose reusable beeswax wraps like Beeutiful Wraps, all the convenience and no nasties! These beeswax wraps will keep your food fresh and they’r