Sharps collection program

For a convenient & responsible disposal of razors, blades, microneedle cartridges, lancets and hypodermic needles.

Why we do it

We are on a mission to curb waste and harm from sharps inappropriately disposed of.

By collecting your sharps with us, you’re ensuring a responsible and safe disposal.

For members


Sharps containers take time to source & return to the chemist. Our new sharps program is a simple addition to your current services.


Sharps containers are a cost to your salon. Now you can find them on the rewards store, so there’s no need to buy them anymore.

For people

Members staff safety

Keeping our members safe is of high priority. Our sharps containers comply with regulations to ensure safety standards are met.

SSANZ staff safety

Sorting waste can be tricky and pose safety issues. By choosing our sharps containers, you are keeping our drivers & depots safe.

For planet

Correct disposal