Spruce Sustainably

That’s 120 billion pieces of plastic packaging from just one industry! Often it’s also made of mixed materials meaning – you guessed it – it goes to landfill. Plus, many beauty products contribute to microplastics that go straight down the drain and eventually into our water ways. 86% of the Great Barrier Reef is polluted by microplastics that might have come from your beauty routine. Here are our favourite alternatives that work just as well, minus the plastic.


Your exfoliating sponge seems innocent, but is it actually a dud washing bits of plastic down the drain? Those bits of plastic look like food to tiny marine life, who are eaten by larger marine life, and the plastic continues up the food chain to us! Keep your sponge on the outside, not the inside, choose natural instead.

The Konjac Sponge Co makes sponges from plant fibres, which means they’re completely natural and can even be composted at the end of their life! Their elements range also comes in plastic free packaging. There’s a sponge to suit every skin type, better skin with none of the plastic? Yes please! Members, you can get yours here.

Microbeads = Majorproblem