2020 marks Sustainable Salons’ 5th birthday, which is an incredibly exciting milestone and one we’ve certainly not arrived at on our own. For that reason, this birthday celebration needs a toast.

So, we’re raising our glasses to this big, sustainable family – here’s to the passion of our salon members and the loyalty of their clients, the innovation from our recyclers, the driven hearts of our charity partners, the spirit of our workforce, and the shared vision of all towards true sustainability. 

When we began the program five years ago, many people told us it wouldn’t work. On reflection, we think they were only imagining a single outcome: keeping salon waste out of landfill. 

We know we’ve preached this a number of times, but sustainability itself is only achieved when People, Planet and Profit (or Progress, if you like) are equally involved in the mission.

We didn’t call the business ‘Recycling for Salons’ for a reason; it’s not our only future. As a social enterprise, Sustainable Salons has always championed that the salon industry’s capacity to make a real difference is so much greater.

So if we’re #NotJustRecycling, then what are we?

We are Above-ground Miners

We collect salon materials and send them for recycling or repurposing, keeping them in circulation and out of landfill.
Just like our closed-loop product collaboration with Dresden Vision to make these glasses frames from
100% post-consumer recycling shampoo bottles. More info here!

Rest assured, recycling is still a crucial part of the mix. But we’re driven towards a circular economy that conserves our planet’s natural resources and keeps what we’ve already dug up in circulation for as long as possible. Ideally, forever! Unless an item can be ‘digested’ by nature for nature’s benefit, then it shouldn’t go in the ground. So we take resources from the surface and find them a new life as something else we need/want/love!

We are Problem-solvers

Hair clippings collected from the salon floor are used in The Hair Boom Project research,