Materials We Collect

of total waste diverted from landfill

This has only been possible thanks to the dedication of our team and our members to make sustainability reality. From hair to metal, paper, plastics, chemicals and more, our goal is to collect all these recyclable materials to watch this number grow and grow!

Our members are across 5 feel-good industries

We collect and divert 95% of salon materials away from landfill

It all starts with you

When you join the Sustainable Salons family, you get your very own in-salon bins to separate your valuable waste materials.

When these get full, each bin bag gets tied up and goes in your purple bin or Linnk bag, ready for collection and transport to our depots. And just like that, you’ve done your bit for a more sustainable future!

It’s either our couriers or one of our team members that then collect your materials all the way from regional outback Australia to as far as Queenstown in New Zealand!

Then we close the loop

7 Depots across AU and NZ

and 2 Transfer Depots

Sustainable Salons Team with Thorndale Foundation workers, Sydney Depot 2022

We’re proud to say 50% of our depot workforce are supported employees. They have the important role of sorting and prepping your materials, ready to be sent to our recycling partners.

Get to know Jeff, one of our supported workers from our Sydney depot.

Aaron Friend

Kilmarnock, Christchurch NZ