Sustainability isn’t just about the planet! Yep, you read that right. ‘Planet, people and progress’ make the three P’s of sustainability. That’s why volunteering to help people is so important – whether you volunteer with Sustainable Salons to cut hair or give beauty treatments, register as a drop-off point for shelter donations, fundraise for charity, or something else that speaks to you, volunteering is just as important for YOU as it is for sustainability! Here are five reasons why, with stories from our volunteers:


Even making a small effort to reach out to your community can help grow your business. Volunteering encourages team bonding, connects you with like-minded people in your industry, and puts your name out in the community. Plus, your hair and beauty skills can instantly make a difference to someone’s confidence, self-image or just make their day – helping them on their journey too!

Lee-Ann Suthern from Toni& Guy Newtown in NSW always gets more from volunteering than she gives…

“Being able to give back to the wider community using my skills is more rewarding than I could imagine. Volunteering with the Sustainable Salons teams is a great day – talking, sharing and being there in the community is a great way to spend a couple of hours.”


Many small actions turn into a huge impact! The good actions of a few can influence the culture of a pocket of people, then a community, then a city… and before you know it, an entire country starts to evolve its policies with sustainable principles because its people are already living it.